Room 40414:40-16:20

Danilo Forghieri
Yoga Therapy and Self-Assessment for the Elderly

Many physical problems faced by senior citizens are caused by rigidity in joints, lack of mobility of body parts, and tension accumulated throughout a stressed life. Through a self-oriented process of observing respiratory movements, clients can increase their capacity to identify their own areas of tension and impaired movement. Therapists teach this self-assessment process to clients, and it also enables the therapist to more effectively instruct asanas in a way that restores movement. This helps older clients improve and maintain their health with autonomy. This process of self-assessment and self-care is done through adapted asanas, with shorter holds, and with some repetitions. This can improve perception and awareness. All practices will be done while respecting and exploring one’s possibilities, aiming to increase them and restore health.

Danilo Forghieri, Ph.D.
[Brazil / Sports Center of São Paulo University (CEPEUSP) (Yoga Professor and Head of Research)]

Danilo has worked as a Yoga teacher at the Sports Center of São Paulo University (CEPEUSP) for 15 years, and for the last 2 years has coordinated its Research and Teaching Sector. He has taught Physiology of Yoga and Scientific Research Methods in post-graduate courses for 13 years. Danilo’s line of research is the investigation of the psychophysiological effects of Yoga, pranayama and meditation on the aging brain and specific health conditions, such as cardiovascular and psychological ones. Danilo has extensive education in both yoga and other scientific fields including an M.S. in Experimental Physiopathology and a Ph.D. in pneumology from the Medical School of the University of Sao Paulo, and a post-doctorate in psychobiology and neuroscience from the Rio Grande do Norte Federal University and Brain Institute of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. He was awarded with the best paper presentation of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension in 2012; twice with Kaivalyadham’s best scientific study, and once with Swami Kuvalayananda’s award at SYR 2016.