Room 40411:00-12:40

Ken Harakuma
Theory and Practice of Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs) for Health

This workshop will include explanation and practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditation) as means to mental and physical health.

  • Asana practice: vinyasa yoga aiming to purify the body + alignment focus to correct misalignment and restore balance + stress release with explanation and practice of asana as therapy to restore physical balance and relax.
  • Pranayama: Practice puraka, rechaka, and kumbhaka pranayama, as well as nadhi shodhana pranayama. (Pranayama facilitates purification and awakening of consciousness)
  • Dhyana: meditation brings health to body and mind by creating a calm balanced condition.

Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of fitness level and yoga experience.

Ken Harakuma
[Japan / International Yoga Center (Director), Ashtanga Yoga Japan (Director), Athlete Yoga (Representative Director)]

Ken Harakuma is one of the leaders responsible for yoga’s popularity in Japan today. He has practiced a wide range of yoga, including Iyengar Yoga (BKS Iyengar), Ashtanga Yoga (Sri K Patabijois), Hata, Vinyasa, restorative healing and relaxation yoga, athlete yoga, and Raja yoga among others. Teaching primarily Ashtanga Yoga both in Japan and abroad, he teaches extensively in workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. He is a yoga consultant for media, schools, and corporations, and continues to lead the advancement of yoga in Japan. He is one of the founders of “Yoga Festa,” the largest yoga event in Japan, and is also invited as a teacher to prominent conferences such as Asia’s largest yoga conference, the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. He also is invited to Yoga Journal Thailand’s Yoga Conference in Bangkok, the Korean Yoga Fest in Korea, and Yoga Life Festival in Taipei. Author of The Spirit of Ashtanga Yoga (Goma Books), Yoga Life (Shunjusha Publishing Company), Kokoro Yoga (transl. Yoga of the Heart, Seven & i Publishing), and Yoga kara hajimaru (trans: Start with Yoga, Asahi Press). He has also appeared in and produced numerous DVDs.