Room 4049:10-10:50

Naoto Nakamura
Using Asanas to Balance the Gunas

It is easy to understand psychological qualities by using the gunas of prakriti (fundamental cause) as explained in Sankya Philosophy. The gunas are rajas (passion), sattva (goodness), and tamas (darkness), and if one has too much rajas or tamas, both mental and physical symptoms easily arise. In yoga therapy, asanas from traditional yoga can be adapted and applied to restore balance to the gunas. The most appropriate asanas and other practices will vary among individuals. In this workshop, we will first use asanas to confirm our current condition of the gunas. Then after this assessment, participants will experience how practicing asana can create a more sattvic state. By knowing your own gunas, it is easier to prevent disease and to restore health.

Naoto Nakamura PT, RYT500, sVYASA YTIC
[Japan / TAKT EIGHT] 

Naoto Nakamura aims to make preventative medicine a reality by undertaking exercise of both body and mind. During his 12 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist in medical and nursing care facilities, he realized the immense importance of not only addressing illness, but preventing illness from occurring in the first place. To enable people to prevent illness, he established TAKT EIGHT, a yoga and Pilates studio in Hachioji. He has developed his own pilates method called “Functional Roller Pilates” and conducts teacher trainings in this method as well as walking methods. In addition, he writes articles, gives lectures on various topics, and teaches on a daily basis.
In addition to being a physical therapist, he is also knowledgeable in kinesiotherapy for scoliosis. He teaches not only group lessons but also offers private yoga instruction.
He also teaches at the Asahi Culture Center in Shinjuku and contributes to All About’s guide on Exercise Therapy.