Room 40314:40-16:20

Michael Lee and Toshiro Miura
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: Experience a body-mind approach for emotional and mental wellbeing

In our modern world many of the leading causes of death are preventable. In many cases, they could be prevented with relatively simple lifestyle change or adjustment. And as simple as that may appear, is it is very difficult to implement because we don’t yet seem to fully understand how to apply the science and psychology of behavioral change in ways that produce lasting results.
Thirty-one years ago, Michael Lee developed the Phoenix Rising Method, an approach to yoga therapy that shines some light on this dilemma. As a behavioral scientist and a yoga therapist, he has synthesized an approach that draws from elements of the ancient wisdom of yoga, mindfulness, and modern psychology. Many of the elements he will discuss are now supported by neuroscience research. In this presentation he will discuss the change process in general and how these elements apply and will lead workshop participants in a brief embodied experience to demonstrate the approach. Toshiro Miura will co-teach during demonstrations.

Michael Lee, MA, Dip.Soc.Sci, C-IAYT, E-RYT500
[USA / Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy]

Michael worked in the fields of applied behavioral science and education before embracing yoga therapy as a tool for lasting personal change. In 1986 he developed Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and its key processes for supporting change somatically and with a focus on mental and emotional health. His work references yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and modern psychology and many elements of it are now supported by recent neuroscience. Over 2000 yoga therapists have been trained in the Phoenix Rising Method worldwide including in Japan. Michael was a keynote presenter at IAYT’s SYTAR in 2016 and a keynote presenter at Yoga Australia Conference in 2018.

Toshiro Miura C-IAYT, E-RYT500, L.Ac.
[Japan / Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kripalu Japan]

Since 1981, Toshiro began teaching yoga and opened an acupuncture clinic. He began feeling limitations in teacher-student/clinician-patient relationships, and started questioning the tendency for dependency and hierarchy. He was deeply moved by the emphasis on awareness in Kripalu Yoga and on the client-centered focus in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. In the 1990’s, Toshiro studied and was certified in both these schools, enhancing his work as a yoga teacher and therapist. As director of Kripalu Japan, he currently conducts both Kripalu Yoga teacher trainings and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy trainings in Japan.