Room 4039:10-10:50

Anneke Sips
Yoga Therapy as Self-Care for Mental Health

The fast pace of our lives creates a lot of stress, and this stress tends to lead to more stress. Our stress response gets overused. Traditionally, yoga was not a discipline to improve mental health issues like work-related stress. But the depth and breadth of its teachings on human nature and causes of suffering provide a foundation we can use to adapt yogic practices as therapy to address mental health. Anneke will explain mental dis-balance from a yogic perspective, and discuss and practice the art of awareness and some yogic tools that are easy to implement in daily life to support self-care routines. This will help you find rhythms and rituals that fit your lives and enable you to acquire healthy patterns to reduce stress for healthier living.

Anneke Sips, RN, C-IAYT
[The Netherlands / Network Yoga Therapy (Founder)]

Anneke is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has worked in psychiatry since 1998. She is one of the first certified yoga therapists in The Netherlands (C-IAYT) and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her expertise is in yoga for mental health, especially trauma and psychosis. She designs and offers Compassion Based Yoga programs and is a bridge builder in the field of Yoga Therapy for mental health in The Netherlands. She is a student of A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan from Chennai who were both direct students of Krishnamacharya.