Room 40214:40-16:20

Iku Suda
Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorder: group lessons and their effects

Eating disorders are said to be stress-related disorders. For patients with anorexia nervosa, it is necessary to address not only the physical symptoms that come from low body weight, but a therapeutic approach to address psychological and social aspects is also necessary. Iku Suda has been teaching group yoga therapy lessons at a general hospital with inpatient facilities specializing in treatment of eating disorders. This workshop will introduce the group yoga therapy lesson methods used for patients with anorexia nervosa which are conducted under a doctor’s strict supervision.

Iku Suda
[Japan / Japan Yoga Therapy Society]

Iku is a yoga therapist certified by the Japan Yoga Therapist Society. She was one of the first to graduate from the Tokyo Yoga Therapist Instructor Course. She has taught yoga therapy group classes at Kohnodai Hospital, National Center for Global Health and Medicine since May 2007. She also teaches yoga therapy to cancer patients at a support group facility run by a hospital in northern Kawasaki City, as well as at psychiatric clinics and to other cancer support groups. She and patients at medical facilities organize and conduct the classes together.