Room 40112:50-14:30

Keishin Kimura
What is Yoga Therapy: Perspectives from the Japan Yoga Therapy Society

In Japan and around the world, many people with mental and physical disorders are turning to yoga in hopes of improving their health. A surprising number attend yoga classes while also undergoing treatment at medical facilities. Yoga instructors are not trained, however, to address medical issues, and as a result, accidents and adverse events in yoga classes are growing concerns. Yoga therapy is responding to the demand for safe yoga practices suitable for people with various disorders. In order for yoga therapy to become established as a field, however, there are areas that need international discussion among experts. Coming to a shared understanding of yoga therapy assessment and instruction (both theory and practice) is one such area. Traditional yoga contains the wisdom needed to develop these theories and practices, and in this seminar, Keishin will introduce the Japan Yoga Therapy Society’s perspective.

Keishin Kimura (Jnana Yogi)
[Japan / Japan Yoga Therapy Society (President)]

Keishin Kimura (Jnana Yogi) was born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, in 1947. He graduated from Tokyo University of Education in 1969. After studying for ten years directly under Swami Yogeshwarananda and receiving the holy name Jnana Yogi upon initiation as a Raja Yoga Acharya, Kimura began teaching Raja Yoga. In cooperation with the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, he established and instructed yoga instructor and yoga therapist courses throughout Japan. He is president of the Japan Yoga Therapy Society, executive director of the Japan Integrated Medical Society, and a board member of the Japan Ayurveda Society.