Room 40116:30-18:10

Vyasah Kalyanasunderam
Pranayama to Enhance Immunity

Pranayama practice can be focused to required area in the brain. The breath is separate from Prana, and Prana is separate from the air which we breathe. Pranayama is voluntary breathing which has an impact on the frontal brain and on the gyrus in the central motor cortex of the brain–all parts through which awareness passes during the practice of Pranayama. The selected pranayama practices which will be explained in the workshop have a direct impact on the brain and on the lungs, and create influences in short periods to enhance immunity in target areas of the body as required. Influences of pranayama can be seen in brain mapping—i.e. increases in immunity of an individual of any age.

Vyasah Kalyanasunderam
[Sri Lanka / Astanka Yoga Mandir (Chief Yoga Therapist)]

Shri Vyasah Kalyasunderam has taught Hatha Yoga, relaxation techniques, meditation and pranayama since 1992. He was initiated, taught and guided into this ancient tradition by his mother, Mrs. Selfam Kalyanasunderam, a barrister by profession, with vast knowledge of ancient scriptures and the tradition of H.H. Dr. Swami Sivananda Maharaj, the founder of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India. Shri Vyasah was also guided by H.H. Swami Datta Ramagiri (India) and Acharya Swami Ram (Dr. S. Ramanathan), founder of Holistic Kirya Yoga Center, Canada. He qualified his yogic studies from S-VYASA of Bangalore, India. He is currently chief yoga instructor at the Astanka yoga Mandhir, and chief yoga trainer and lecturer at the Indian cultural center in Colombo. He is also the Chief Yoga Instructor /Senior Trainer at Institute of Human Excellence, where he is also in-charge of the diploma yoga programs, advanced yoga training and teacher training programs.