Room 40114:40-16:20

Aryong Choi-Hantke
Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients in Palliative Care and Hospices

Cancer patients in palliative care and hospices gradually lose their sense of hearing and seeing, their ability to speak and communicate, and bodily mobility. At the same time, their immune system weakens and anticancer treatments have side effects. As a consequence, they develop complications such as pneumonia, stroke, and xerostomia. Palliative care aims to maintain patients’ quality of life. Therefore, yoga therapy is effective for cancer patients to approach body and mind. But the most critical condition for the patients in palliative care and hospices is that the patients do not have mobility, so yoga therapy must be done bedside. In this workshop, effective yoga therapy for bedridden cancer patients in palliative care and hospices will be introduced.

Aryong Choi-Hantke
[Korea / Institute of Body and Mind (Founder)]

Aryong Choi-Hantke studied at the School of Media, Sogang University, South Korea, where she specialized in communications, cultural studies and film. She began yoga in 1996 and established Yoga Into the World and the Institute of Body and Mind in 2003. She has also studied yoga therapy in Japan since 2006. She was director of the Korea Yoga Federation from 2005 to 2007 and a referee for the Federation’s yoga instructor license test in 2008. Since 2010, she has presented papers and focused on yoga therapy for the both physical and mentally disabled, for cancer patients at palliative care centers, and for people with addictions at psychiatric hospitals.